Why is Papaya Tea So Good For You

Oral consumption of the papaya leaves is proven to have healing properties, as they are very rich in some real unique enzymes, used for breaking down proteins and other food substances. (Photo Credits)

Oral consumption of the papaya leaves is proven to have healing properties, as they are very rich in some real unique enzymes, used for breaking down proteins and other food substances. (Photo Credits)

Many people know about papaya, they consume its fruit and dispose all the other parts including the leaves not knowing that the leaves have a rich medicinal property. Oral consumption of the papaya leaves and using them in tea has several health advantages. They have been proven to have healing properties, as they are very rich in some real unique enzymes, used for breaking down proteins and other food substances.

Making Papaya Tea

Immerse a tea bag in hot water for few minutes. Additional taste can be added by added either honey, sugar, drops of lemon juice or milk. Take the tea when still hot or warm. For external use allow it to cool before applying it on the affected using a piece of clean cloth. Find out how to make a perfect cup of papaya leaf tea.

Increase Appetite

Lack of appetite is common among people in our world today. This problem has been known to starve some people and therefore leading to death. Papaya leaf tea has been proven to increase appetite when consumed bringing vitality and vigor back to a person’s body.


A cataract is a disorder in the human eye shown by a white spot in the eye. Consumption of the papaya leaf tea has been proven to prevent cases of cataracts.

Aid in the digestion

Papaya makes use of the enzyme in it for several purposes. The enzyme papain helps in the digestion of food and other toxic substances in the body by breaking them down. By drinking papaya tea, ailments and discomforts in the stomach will be reduced by the papain enzyme.

Diuretic Characteristics

Papaya tea has been used not because of its medicinal properties but also because it is diuretic, which helps it to relieve other intestinal problems. It will aid bladder-flushing toxins out of the body system through urine. Find out how papaya leaf tea helps in gout treatment.

Skin Health and Acne

Regular consumption of papaya tea will help one in improving the health of their skin. Skin ailments such as acne, rashes, and bug bites can be treatment by using cold papaya tea, which will be applied orally. The anti-inflammatory characteristic of papaya tea reduces body swellings and pain.

Papaya Leaf and Cancer

Papaya tea has been known to introduce immune cells in the human body after being taken for a long time. These immune cells fights and kill cancer cells hence can be used in reducing cases of cancer including pancreatic, lung, breast, and even cervical cancer. Learn more about organic papaya leaf tea and cancer.

Natural Ulcer Remedy

Papaya tea has been proven by researchers in West India to prevent gastric ulcers, and in releasing the oxidation stress in the human blood due to their strong system antioxidant effect. More info on papaya leaf tea health benefits.

Health Benefits Of Papaya Tea

Amazing Papaya Leaf Tea Benefits

Cultural And Historical Information

Papaya TeaIn tropical countries, papaya is sometimes called ‘the melon that grows on trees’ because by its structure, shape and taste it resembles melon with raspberry flavor. Papaya is actually a berry, although its fruits can be 20-30 inches long and weight up to 22 lb. The fruit is hollow inside, only meat which is 1-2 inches thick is edible. Slightly unripe papaya is hard and green.

The papaya leaf tea health benefits for digestion became known to Europeans in the XVI century. When in 1519, a Spanish conqueror Fernando Cortez reportedly suffered food poisoning somewhere near the Indian city in Mexico, local people made him a drink from papaya, and he quickly set up…

Uses of Papaya Leaves

In general, the papaya leaves have great medicinal potential. Here are only a few examples of organic papaya leaf tea health benefits.

  • Dried papaya leaves, milled and mixed with honey, are an excellent remedy for cough and high temperature.
  • Fresh papaya leaves, boiled in hot water, are a powerful malaria prophylactic.
  • Papaya leaf juice can be applied to open wounds to speed up healing.
  • Fresh papaya leaves, chopped and mixed with onions, help strengthen urinary bladder. This is especially useful for those with frequent urination.
  • Papaya leaf juice can also be used as a skin cleanser.
  • Fresh papaya leaves, cooked with slices of orange, help burn fat. This is a great food for weight loss.
  • Raw leaves of this wonderful fruit, eaten at bedtime, act as a powerful aphrodisiac.
  • Adding dried papaya leaves to tea helps cope with menstruation cramps.
  • Papaya leaf juice is recommended for curing eczema.

Use of Papaya Leaf Tea for Medicinal Purposes

If you ever wondered, how to make green papaya leaf tea, you should keep in mind that papaya tea is prescribed solely for prevention and treatment of various acute and chronic diseases, as its taste is very bitter. It is not recommended as a regular drink. Of course, you can brew papaya tea for several seconds, and then add other herbs to get an unusual and delicious drink, but in this case, its therapeutic effect will be significantly weakened. We recommend that papaya tea should be steeped for 5-30 minutes to obtain a therapeutic effect and for 3-5 minutes to obtain a prophylactic effect. To reduce its bitterness add some honey or fructose.

Contraindications: Do not drink papaya leaf tea during pregnancy and if you are hypersensitive (allergic) to it.

Papaya Leaf Tea for Cancer Treatment

Scientists from the University of Florida have found that papaya leaf tea has an anticancer effect against many tumors, including cervix, lung, breast, liver, pancreas cancer and lymphoma. The leaf extract showed stronger anti-tumor results with the increasing of the tea dose. In addition, to the direct anti-tumor effect, it was reported to stimulate the immune system through the production of anti-tumor molecules – cytokines.

Now it’s time to tell how to prepare papaya leaf tea for cancer treatment.

To prepare a perfect cup of tea, take one tea bag for one cup, and let it steep in freshly boiled water for about 5-10 minutes. Be careful, the bitter comes out when the tea is steeped too long!